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Contractors & Locum


Many people often start trading as a Sole Trader because it is the most simplistic way to begin and trade, then progress to operating through a limited company later on when the business starts to make reasonable profits.

At Acumen Accounting, we can take care of all the accounting and taxation requirements of Sole Traders for a competitive low cost monthly fee. We can offer many Sole Trader accounting services including help with registering the business and offer ongoing support and assistance going forward.

We also regularly review your business to see whether it is operating in the most tax efficient way.


The majority of our clients trade through Limited Companies because of the multitude of benefits a company brings versus trading as a Sole Trader or Partnership.

We are always happy to advise you on whether it would be beneficial for you to incorporate a Limited Company. But even if you have already formed your company and begun trading then we can still review your company structure to see if it is organised in the most tax efficient way, ensuring that you are making the most of the benefits having a company can bring.

Running a company can be time consuming enough without dealing with accounting and tax headaches which is why we take care of everything from the Annual Return to the Corporation Tax Return for our Limited Company clients.


At Acumen Accounting, our pharmacy team genuinely understands the world of the community pharmacy. We know the problems you face, and can make your life easier through our tailor-made, expert services and solutions. With our support, you will respond quickly and effectively to NHS changes and increased competition.

We always think creatively and beyond conventional compliance, ensuring that your future is better, brighter and more profitable than you thought possible.


We know there are not enough hours in a day for a busy Surgeon, Locum Doctor or other Health Professionals to efficiently structure and analyse their financial data.

As a specialist accountant for doctors and medical professionals, we have submitted hundreds of tax-allowable expenses claims to HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) resulting in significant tax refunds for many. Current tax rules allow for expenses claims to be submitted for the previous 4 tax years and can include previously unclaimed professional subscriptions, reimbursed mileage, private pension contributions, medical equipment, examination costs and medical training fees.

The rules surrounding employment related tax-allowable expenditure are complex and need to stand up to scrutiny from HMRC, especially when it comes to examination and training costs. The tax refund that is often received can run into the £000’s and the input required from you is minimal so don’t delay.

As accountants for doctors we have the necessary expenses claim experience so please contact us today and we will get straight to work.